The Adelaide Tree Surgery is a professional Arboricultural company that specialise in all aspects of tree work. Tree Pruning is one of the aspects that we are very experienced with and pride ourselves on.

There are a great number of reasons as to why tree pruning is necessary. Some of the reasons why tree pruning is required area:

  • Safety – especially when there are targets beneath the tree.
  • Health and Condition/Maintenance – assist with maintaining good health and condition for the tree and also adequate clearance from structures such as buildings, footpaths, roadways, signs etc.
  • Emergency pruning after storm damage.

The Adelaide Tree Surgery knows and is very experienced with all the right tree pruning methods.

The Adelaide Tree Surgery can be performed the following methods of pruning:

  • Crown Cleaning : we cut and remove the dead, diseased, rubbing or crossing limbs, defected branches as well as any parasitic plants such as mistletoe. By doing this type of pruning this ensures that the crown of the tree remains in a good condition.
  • Weight Reduction Trimming : our team removes/reduces selected branches to reduce the weight within individual branches, which assists with the prevention of limb failure.
  • Thinning Pruning : The Adelaide Tree Surgery will prune/thin live branches to reduce the density of the tree. It will improve its appearance and also allow the wind to pass through its canopy more easily.
  • Crown Lifting/Raising Lower Canopy : Lower branches are raised to provide adequate clearance, which is often needed, for pedestrians, vehicles, signs or buildings.
  • Formative Pruning : This type of pruning is very important for juvenile/young trees. If this pruning is undertaken correctly we can eliminate any structural defects when the tree/s mature.
  • Tree Bracing And Cabling : In the case of trees with severe structural defects where removal is not an option, The Adelaide Tree can install cabling or bracing to assist with supporting the tree.

When choosing The Adelaide Tree Surgery as your tree care specialists, you can expect the following:

  • Your trees will be pruned in a manner that has the trees health and condition at interest.
  • All pruning will be undertaken by an Arborist with a minimum level 3 in Arboriculture.
  • All pruning undertaken will comply with Australian Standards, Pruning Amenity Trees AS4373, 2007

Call us today at (08) 8371 5955 or 0408 086 774 and find out more from our qualified arborists.