Tree Removal needs to be undertaken by experienced personnel and also using the correct equipment. At The Adelaide Tree Surgery, we have a number of experienced tree climbers that can undertake the removal of small, medium and large trees. We are also experienced at working within confined spaces.

There are many reasons why trees need to be removed. These are:

  • The tree is structurally unsound.
  • The tree is dead/declining.
  • The tree is causing damage to a major structure.
  • The tree is required to be removed due to development.
  • The tree is not growing in a suitable location (wrong tree wrong location).
  • The tree has been damaged in a storm – EMERGENCY REMOVAL

The team of The Adelaide Tree Surgery is fully licensed and insured tree removal contractors. Having been involved in this business for almost 15 years and serving clients from Adelaide and all over South Australia, we have all of the necessary equipment and expertise to get the job done as efficient as possible and in complete safety.

The Adelaide Tree Surgery also has an understanding of the current legislations in relation to protected trees within South Australia, which is vital when trees are being removed. We can also assist/guide with applying for the correct approvals from the relevant authorities.

We can be contacted on (08) 8371 5955 or 0408 086 774 and let us take care of your tree.