Tree Pruning and Maintenance, Adelaide

Many trees throughout the urban environment are classified as significant and these Trees are governed by the legislation of the SA Development Act 1993. The Adelaide Tree Surgery team work closely with all local government Councils to ensure compliance with all significant tree legislation.NB Significant Tree Pruning And Maintenance should only be undertaken by qualified and experienced arborists.                                                          

Tree Pruning and Maintenance AdelaideTree Pruning and Maintenance Adelaide

Types of Pruning
Crown Lifting
– To raise the lower


Professional Tree Removal Service, Adelaide

We assist clients across South Australia – Adelaide Metro, Adelaide Hills and South Australian Country & Rural regions. The experience our team of Arborists bring to you will ensure an effortless, safe and economical solution Tree Removal Adelaide, hedges and plants. Using the latest techniques in rigging systems or using cranes if need be, our team will do whatever it takes to complete the job with respect to your property or garden.

The Adelaide Tree Surgery team specialise in -

1. Significant Trees (within Legislation guidelines)

2. Small to Large Trees

3. Difficult and Confined Access locations

4. Areas with sensitive surroundings

5. Courtyard Homes

6. Commercial and domestic


Stump Grinding and Removal Service, Adelaide

Our varying sized Stump Grinding machines are capable of removing tree Stumps from any location, including small machines able to access confined areas with narrow access paths.Stump grinding is undertaken to remove tree stumps to below ground level allowing the area to be re-used. This may be for replacement planting or for development of the area.Our range of Stump Grinding machines allows us to tackle the largest of tree stumps with ease as well as the removal of tree Stump Removal with limited access such as in courtyard homes or small raised garden beds.

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Arboricultural Assessments/Tree Reports, Adelaide

Mature trees are often removed from a site due to declining health, structural defects or inappropriate locations. When that time comes it is responsible to plant another Arboricultural Assessments for the future. Maybe a better species selection, one with good form that suits the available space it will need in maturity.

This can range from the smallest of trees/shrubs for your park or garden, to large semi-mature specimens that can provide instant impact and aesthetic value to your home, business or streetscape landscape.
If you desire, we are able to source trees and shrubs on your behalf. We choose carefully selected suppliers to ensure that you receive the highest quality available.

From there, we’ll prepare the site, plant the tree and can


Emergency 24 / 7 assistance

The Adelaide Tree Surgery provide a safe and efficient emergency Tree removal service Adelaideor limb removal service. Fallen or storm damaged trees can be cut and removed quickly and efficiently.Our emergency tree removal is available to customers throughout Adelaide and all surrounding


Tree Root Investigation Report Adelaide

The Adelaide Tree Surgery offer an innovative service to excavate soil from around tree roots without causing damage using a focused supersonic jet of air to bare the roots without bruising or damage.Our Hydro-vac can excavate soil from around tree roots without causing damage to the roots.

Superb for:-

  1. Exposing roots on Development & Construction sites
  2. Installation of Root Barriers
  3. Radial Trenching
  4. Aeration
  5. Root Collar excavation
  6. Soil Compaction reduction
  7. Transplanting / Bare-rooting

This investigative tool is now commonly used by councils and developers to accurately assess the potential impacts of proposed development on existing established tree


Garden Waste & Mulch Recycle Adelaide

Our team endeavors to minimize impact on our natural environment while undergoing their jobs. All cut material is processed into saleable products such as mulch and firewood and is recycled for home and corporate use.

This is becoming increasingly important as water restrictions impact on the gardens of private home owners with mulch being a valuable tool for water retention in


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