Arboricultural Assessments/Tree Reports, Adelaide

Mature trees are often removed from a site due to declining health, structural defects or inappropriate locations. When that time comes it is responsible to plant another Arboricultural Assessments for the future. Maybe a better species selection, one with good form that suits the available space it will need in maturity.

This can range from the smallest of trees/shrubs for your park or garden, to large semi-mature specimens that can provide instant impact and aesthetic value to your home, business or streetscape landscape.
If you desire, we are able to source trees and shrubs on your behalf. We choose carefully selected suppliers to ensure that you receive the highest quality available.

From there, we’ll prepare the site, plant the tree and can provide irrigation solutions to meet your individual requirements to assist the new Tree Reports through the critical establishment phase. We are also happy to help with your species selection and can offer professional advice on which trees would suit the site in question.

Correct species selection is a vital component of tree planting and ensures that trees can provide high levels of amenity for the long term with minimal impacts on surrounding infrastructure. A common problem we help customers avoid is planting a tree that grows too big for the site, which may result in the need to remove it before it is fully mature.

The Adelaide Tree Surgery can also offer advice on Transplanting existing established specimens.
In some circumstances it may be preferable to re-locate existing trees to new locations as opposed to removal and replacement.

This may be required on development sites as well as for clients who simply wish to retain existing trees in different locations.

Trees can be transplanted in different ways including bare root and root ball methods and this depends on many varying factors. Our trained Arborist Adelaide can offer you clear advice.

Transplanting trees can be a complicated process and we are happy to discuss these options in more detail upon request.

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