Tree Pruning and Maintenance, Adelaide

Many trees throughout the urban environment are classified as significant and these Trees are governed by the legislation of the SA Development Act 1993. The Adelaide Tree Surgery team work closely with all local government Councils to ensure compliance with all significant tree legislation.NB Significant Tree Pruning And Maintenance should only be undertaken by qualified and experienced arborists.                                                          

Tree Pruning and Maintenance AdelaideTree Pruning and Maintenance Adelaide

Types of Pruning
Crown Lifting
– To raise the lower canopy by removing some of the lowest branches. Usually to give more physical clearance over footpaths, driveways or lawns and can also be done to offer more light penetration to a garden below.

Crown Thinning – To reduce canopy density by selectively removing secondary branches throughout the interior of the crown. Usually done to offer more light penetration to a garden below or enhance the appearance of an otherwise overly dense, unruly tree. Care must be taken not to over-thin or encourage ‘lions-tails’ where only tufts of foliage remain towards the branch tips.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Crown Reduction – To reduce the height, spread and volume of a canopy all over by shortening branches and leaders back to suitable smaller interior branches. Usually to manage the overall size of a tree crown, manage the weight and reduce leverage on branches and leading stems with the purpose of improving on the trees structure and form it has naturally developed. A trees primary function is to develop into the most ideal form for efficient photosynthesis. As a result, stand-alone trees (compared to forest trees) will often develop over-extended, end-heavy branches, great for farming sunlight, but a poor architecture for optimal, sound structure. We can ‘re-design’ the trees form to create a safer tree with a lower risk of failure while maintaining a natural appearance.

Weight Reduction – To reduce the length of over-extended, end-heavy lateral branches throughout the canopy. This is done for the same reasons as Crown Reduction above, but is limited to just the more lateral branches and does not include reduction of the height of leading stems in the upper canopy. This is our primary pruning method to improve safety and reduce risk of failing branches in trees.

Selective Pruning – To remove certain identified branches for a specific reason. This is more often to make a tree fit with the clients needs than it is for an improvement in the trees own structure or health.

Clearance Pruning – To reduce or remove branches as required to provide physical clearance of a certain target. Usually to maintain distance from utility service wires, gutters or of trees over boundaries of neighbouring properties.

Formative Pruning – To reduce or remove branches as required to correct or prevent structural defects and encourage good form. Often done on juvenile trees to prevent many of the above pruning requirements in later years.

Remedial Pruning – To reduce or remove branches as required to correct structural defects and restore a foundation for future growth. Usually done on mature trees to repair damage after major failures from storm events, other mechanical damage or previous poor ‘pruning’ practices.

Crown Cleaning – To remove dead branches and stubs from previous failures or poor ‘pruning’ throughout the canopy. This type of pruning is often combined with any of the above pruning types, however some trees require only this.

The Adelaide Tree Surgery can work with you to develop a management plan just right for your desired end result.

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